At Swift Launch, we're not just another startup accelerator.
We're your partners in the making of future unicorns. Our journey began with a vision to empower Uzbek students with real-life startup experience. Founded by a team of seasoned entrepreneurs and backed by VC experts, we're here to transform your ambitions into reality.
Our Mission and Vision
Our mission is to fuel the dreams of Uzbek students and catalyze the emerging startup ecosystem. We've crafted a unique accelerator course that takes you from an idea to early VC seed funding, propelling you into the startup world. Join us, and let's create the next generation of unicorns together.
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Hi! I’m Steve,
the Founder of Swift Launch
With a track record of success in multiple industries, I bring extensive experience to the table. My background includes:
Achieving a previous startup's MRR exceeding $100,000 in the USA
  • Successful exits and entrepreneurship ventures
  • Mentoring students who have gone on to achieve high success, with one venture (GoatChat.AI) boasting over 4 million users
  • Expertise in Finance, including involvement in Large IT Projects exceeding $200 million in scope
  • Proficiency in Innovation Policy and Entrepreneurship Training, with experience spanning East Asia, the United States, and Central Asia
  • Academic achievements include a BA and BS from UC Berkeley and an MBA from the University of Southern California.
How does it work?
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Start your journey by applying to the Swift Launch program. Tell us about your background, and we'll match you with the right team.

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During the 8-month program, you'll learn the essentials of entrepreneurship. Our program is practical: building your business model, online marketing, and IT product development.
At the end of the program, we expect top teams to make over $3-5k a month - a valuation of $500k!

Top Swifter entrepreneurs are given ownership shares of a new company to keep growing.
Unleash Your Startup Potential with Swift Launch
At Swift Launch, we're redefining the startup accelerator experience for Uzbek students
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At Swift Launch, we're not just another startup accelerator. We're your partners in making of future unicorns.
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